If you're a Northport resident, then you may have heard of the recent automobile break-ins. Now, Northport police is telling residents to "Move it or Lose It", a slogan, to make sure no valuables are left in plain sight in their cars.

One of the main cause of break-ins are because of unlocked doors. We are not living in the old days, no matter how safe you THINK your neighborhood is, you need to lock your car doors. Robbers don't care about you or your feelings. Remember, anything is valuable to people who don't have anything.

I know I keep an extra pair of heels and sandals in my car, but for now on, I'll move it to my trunk and out of sight of robbers.

The Northport Police also are asking for residents who have been victims of car break-ins, to please contact authorities. It helps police know which areas to monitor more.

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