Looking for a way to clean your car's headlights that won't cost you a ton of cash? There's a simple solution waiting for you at basically any store, and it costs less than ten bucks!


I am not playing with y'all. If you want to clean your car's headlights, all you need is a can of Off Deep Woods bug spray. I bought a can for $7 at Lowe's, and the headlights on my Passat have NEVER looked better.

I stumbled across this truly life-changing hack when I was on like hour two of a TikTok binge. I did a double-take because when the Off Deep Woods spray was tested by the Fact or Cap dudes, they confirmed this was 100% FACT.

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You know I had to try it out myself. I sprayed my headlights with Off and watched in literal amazement as YEARS of gunk just melted away.

I was straight-up SHOCKED because I'd tried so many other things to clean my headlights, and nothing worked--Windex, rubbing alcohol, you name it. I was considering shelling out $30 for a cleaning kit from AutoZone or having a professional detailer get after it for at least $150--it was THAT BAD.

When I tell y'all THIS WORKS, please know this is my spreading the good word. After I cleaned my own headlights I started cleaning random cars in the office parking lot. Just LOOK.

The headlights on this truck had seen better days. (Meg Summers/TSM)
I sprayed the headlights with Off and watched the gunk MELT away. (Meg Summers/TSM)
Look at that sparkle. JUST LOOK AT IT! (Meg Summers/TSM)

AMAZING. If you have dirty headlights, try this trick. It is incredible!

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