Mashed highlighted some of the amazing steakhouses across America.

Grilled BBQ T-Bone Steak with Fresh Rosemary

As true foodies, Bite This crew has visited some of the spots that ranked the best of the best across the United States.

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Florida’s “Best Steakhouse” Linda’s La Cantina Steakhouse. This Orlando steak hot spot is really good.


An impeccable meal was had by the Bite This! crew in Indianapolis at St. Elmo Steakhouse.

Alabamians don’t have far to go for a great steak.

We have some amazing steak joints across the Yellowhammer State.  However, one made it to the list that is located in West Alabama.

Mashed’s “Best Steakhouse in Every State” highlights Alabama’s Big Mike’s Steakhouse. In West Alabama, we have a location in Moundville. They also have locations in Andalusia, Auburn, Guntersville, Orange Beach, and Thomasville.

Mashed said that “Everything is “bigger at Big Mike's Steakhouse. Their meat is so thick and hearty that you can easily share a steak meal with a loved one or even a couple of friends. From oysters to shrimp, Big Mike's Steakhouse also has a variety of seafood options. However, it's the steak that will steal your heart. It's so good that even the Alabama Cattlemen Association named it the state’s best steak.”

Big Mike's Steakhouse - Moundville

Big Mike's Steakhouse - Andalusia

Big Mike's Steakhouse - Auburn 

Big Mike's Steakhouse - Guntersville


Big Mike's Steakhouse - Orange Beach

Big Mike's Steakhouse - Thomasville

(Source) Click here for more from Mashed. Click here for more about Big Mike’s Steakhouse.

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