“I sleep with my ceiling fan a year long!”

But did you know it could be bad for your eyes??? Neither did we!

So, yeah, we know people who find themselves sick from sleeping with their ceiling fan running, but never would we have made the connection between the fan and your eye health… Until this morning, that is!

Wrecked your mind, right?  You’re wondering what the fan has to do with your eyes since their closed. We did too!

Dr. Lori Jasper (yes, THIS and THIS Dr. Jasper) shared this little gem on her Facebook page today.

You know we had to delve a little deeper, right?

Well, in the comments section, she states the following:

It causes dry eye syndrome which if left unchecked can eventually cause a lot of discomfort and reduced visual acuity. I recommend a sleeping mask and depending on what the cornea looks like I may recommend other means of healing it up.


With that said, sleeping with a mask serves a purpose other than blocking out all light.  If you're one of those who keeps a warm body but cool face, or if you "have to" hear the fan to sleep at night, looks like a sleep mask might be beneficial.  With Christmas soon to come, here's another simple gift to put on your list of desires.

(As for us, we're scheduling eye doctor appointments before the year ends.  No sense in paying for vision insurance and not using it.)

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