For many, inclusion is very important. Even the truly introverted want to feel like they have a place where they fit (it's usually unnoticeable, but it's there). Children in particular, seek to find places of comfort, leaders in love, and characters with whom they can identify.

Parents of autistic children may be especially partial to PBS Kids' animated series "Hero Elementary," as one of the superhero students is said to be on the autism spectrum.

According to the Associated Press, the character AJ Gadgets is on the high-functioning end of the spectrum. He is said to dislike loud noises, wet clothes, and being separated from his backpack, but he's still part of the team and always comes to the rescue.

The creator of the series says it was important to portray a child on the spectrum while not making a huge deal about his autism. Full story.

For years, there was talk about Barbies and other dolls not having melanated skin. Eventually, dolls were created with darker skin. Then, there came women who thought the dolls should have more anatomically proportionate bodies to be more relatable to the average American girl. Now, there are dolls in almost every hue known to man, with average looking bodies, and some of them even have a hair texture that is more closely related to kinky than bone straight.

This is a lesson we can all take with us in all aspects of life. We all have varying characteristics which make us different from others. It is okay to make note of the differences without classifying them as being faults.

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