I don't know about you, but these "invitations to the polls" are on my nerves!

First of all, I'm a voter... Like a real deal, I'll take a little longer for lunch to head to the polls and will stand in the line that wraps around the building outside in the rain with my umbrella to cast my ballot" voter.  So, the texts are really unnecessary.

We know that was a method used by those campaigning for Doug Jones and that it appears to have been successful. (It could have just been that more people didn't want Roy Moore to win and turned out to make sure it didn't happen. *shrug*)  Even if that is the case and the texting is what made Jones successful, in the words of Jill Scott, "Everything ain't for everybody."

Here's the thing:

Normally, it does take someone to remind me to do something numerous times.  I'm just being honest here.  I have 13,000 things going on at once.  So, I forget a lot... Unless I'm being paid.  Then, all it takes is once.  I'm not forgetting about that money!

But when it comes to voting and everything that had to be done to make sure I got that right... Nah, no reminder needed.

In addition, I'm pretty particular about who gets my number.  Most of the time, if I give a person my number, I also take his or hers to program into my phone so I'll know who is calling/texting me.  If I didn't give you my number, or authorize someone to give it to you, I don't want you to call me.  Plain and simple.

Since somebody thought it was ok to give my number to these people to text me, I think they should pay my phone bill... I mean, since they're making the decisions on who gets to text me and all.

Anybody else agree?  If so, maybe we can get a lawsuit going.  We won't get much money because they've made A LOT of calls, but at least we can get one phone bill paid, perhaps.


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