UPDATE: Universal Pictures announced Dec. 4 that they will be shutting down 'Fast and Furious 7' production for a "period of time." You can read their official statement here.

'Fast And Furious 7' is facing major delays following the death of franchise star Paul Walker, but there's still hope for the film itself.

TMZ reports that the film's fellow main stars are too distraught over Walker's death to return to the set anytime soon, and that they may well not have to anyway. Most of the stars and crew were scheduled to fly to Atlanta and resume filming on Tuesday, but that's been put on hold indefinitely ... especially since Walker was in many of the scenes slated to be shot.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Walker and the rest of the ‘Fast and Furious 7′ crew had been scheduled to resume filming this coming Monday. When news of Walker’s death broke, director James Wan and Universal studio execs had an emergency call to determine how to proceed and whether any script rewrites would be required.

The somewhat good news (relatively speaking, of course)? The majority of 'Fast and Furious 7' has been shot already, including Walker’s role. However, the film's crew was slated to jet to Abu Dhabi in January 2014 to shoot additional scenes. Whether those scenes will be cut or if Walker's role in them will simply be written out is yet to be determined.

One source put it succintly: "No one wants to even think about the movie. Period."

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