I’ll admit it, I love TikTok but not for what you think. The cute dances, stitches of funny comedians, and crazy organizational videos are clutch. However, what sends me on a two-hour deep dive is all the different hacks. I have discovered that most of the hacks are old-school remedies that our mothers used back in the day. But, when you find a hack that you have never heard of, it’s pure bliss.

I don’t know about you, but the wasps are out of control right now. They are building nests left and right all over my patio. Sure, there is a quick high-powered kill on contact sprays, but that can get costly. So, I hunted for something, a hack that I could use in a preventative measure.

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So, go ahead and join the “HACK LIFE” with me. Here are some quick and fast ways to get rid of wasps. Also, I’ve hooked you up with hacks that work to get rid of gnats, ants, and flies.

Here is my prayer. I just want to sit on my patio in peace.

I found that you can really prevent all the various types of nests by being proactive. You might already have the item in your pantry.

Need something a little bit fancier than a brown paper bag. Here you go. (Me, I'm those people lol).


Check out this TikTok, super easy. I've done it and it works.

If you are brave, you can try this. Me, I'm not brave enough.

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