Welp, summertime in Alabama is here. I know they are saying we are having a mild summer, but it still feels humid and hot. But, I do appreciate not having 100 degree days. Thank you, Mother Nature.

You know it’s a full-fledged summer when the bugs are out and biting. The thought of bugs is disgusting to me. Needless to say, I am not an outdoors-type person. I’m outside but more like on the screened-in porch outside.

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There is on particular bug that drives me insane. They are itty bitty teensy weensy bugs. How do they get in the house? It's like, I don't even have the door open a crack, and they just come buzzing in.


That's one thing I don't play about is bugs in the house. Growing up in Florida, we had outside bugs all year. Here is my mother’s recipe to get those gnats away from you and your kitchen.

It’s a $3 secret to help you capture gnats. I guess it’s not too much of a secret; I’ve even seen the recipe and variations of it on TikTok.  So if it’s on TikTok, you know it’s real.

Cheap Remedy for Killing Gnats Fast

1 cup or repurposed clear glass jar

Add the following to the cup and mix well as you are combining ingredients

½ cup of apple cider vinegar ($1.60)

Two squirts of dishwashing liquid ($0.98)

2 tablespoons of something sweet. Sugar, Pancake Syrup, or Honey. (we'll round that to 20 cents lol)

Be sure to set it on the counter where you can't knock it over, and just let it sit, and the gnats will come to the sweet concoction. Thank me later.

Here are some other great ideas for getting rid of gnats.


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