In life, your name is your calling card. To me, this applies to road names as well. It gives them a background, personality, and a story to tell.

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I was raised on a numbered street and avenue. BORING!!!!!! It was the corner of 6th Street and 7th Avenue. Honestly, we really didn’t have “named” streets in South Florida. But, it wasn’t until I moved to North Carolina, I was exposed to the endless names of roads. How fancy.

Remember, I’m a card-carrying member of “Team Do Too Much.”

Secretly, I always wanted to live on a “named” street. I would like something bougie and saditty or perhaps even quirky. Yup, quirky is what I'm about it. Like this one.

Google Maps
Google Maps


Here are some of THE quirkiest street names in Alabama. Can we say these names are eccentric and obviously “doing the most?”

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