Poor Robert, with all the allegations of sexual misconduct  flying around and now this. An alleged former acquaintance of superstar singer R. Kelly allegedly broke into the singer’s rented suburban Atlanta mansions, ransacked the palatial homes–and then proceeded to sell off all of the singer’s belongings.

Police discovered a window had been broken and the front door was unlocked to Kelly’s home on Old Homestead Trail on Nov. 26 . A neighbor called police after seeing men moving furniture and boxes out of the home.

An assistant to the singer told police that no one was supposed to be in the home since Kelly is now out of town on tour. When cops arrived, they were met by Kelly’s maid.Upon entering through the unlocked door, they were greeted by a shocking site: An empty ass house.

Reportedly anything that could be sold was taken: Clothes, furniture, valuables, and any and everything else of value. GONE.

The very next day, cops were summoned to Kelly’s other rented home Saint Devon Crossing and that home had also been ransacked and looted.

No word on when Kelly will return to his now- furniture-less homes.

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