AMERICAN Chopper star Paul Teutul has filed for bankruptcy in New York just days before the show was set to air.Teutul filed claiming that he owes close to 50 creditors $1,379,145 and that he was only worth $2,320,350 on February 28. He listed that he makes $19,400 per month, but spends $16,200.
He has medical bills totaling over $2,500, but it is unclear what procedures he has had done.

Teutul listed his occupation as a 'steel fabricator' for the Orange County Choppers with a salary of $17,200 per month.

Teutul rose to fame on the Discovery Channel show that aired from 2003 to 2010.
In the documents, Teutul said he owns his Orange County Choppers business, but claimed that the company's value is $0.

Paul further states that he has $50 in cash and $900 in a checking account.

In short, he says his bills are too hard to handle.

Well tisk,tisk, you make $17,000 a month and can't pay your bills. What about those of us that make 10-15 times less a month and pay our bills. Must be nice to be able to hide from reality.


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