j and m


Jade Nicole and I at the Joe and Mary J Blige concert last night!  Yeah, we had great seats!


Everyone always says when Mary is in pain, she gives the best concerts!  I wouldn't wish that pain on anybody but I must admit, that was one of the best concerts I've been to in a while, not to mention, I'm a huge Mary J Blige fan!!

You can tell she's in pain from her recent divorce and last night, she let it all out on stage!  She talked a lot about being heart broken and a question that we all wondered, she wondered as well.  Why should she have to pay for kids he had before she married him.  She said a lot of people talk about her behind her back but she wanted to thank everyone that was with her from day 1!


She poured her heart out on stage and I think that's one of the things us as fans love about her the most!

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