By now, you've heard all about Lemonade Day and how it helps area youth to get a hand at establishing and running a business.   You've decided whether or not your child will have a stand. If he will but if you haven't registered yet, act quickly. Registration ends April 18.

What's the benefit of registering?

The main reason you should register is so you can receive the packet given to each participant which outlines the most important aspects of running a business.  It describes the process of buying and selling to make a profit as well as how to determine just how much profit is made and how to allocate that profit.

The biggest reason for registration is having your lemonade stand location entered on a map, which allows potential patrons to find your stand and support your business. You'd much rather have someone to see your stand on a map and make a deliberate effort to support you than to drive aimlessly, stopping only if they happen to see you.

If you haven't registered for Lemonade Day in Tuscaloosa but would like to, click here.

By the way, making your lemonade stand doesn't have to be costly or hard:


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