Bloody Tuesday was a march that occurred on June 9, 1964 here in Tuscaloosa, Alabama during the Civil Rights Movement. The march was organized and lead by Rev. T. Y. Rogers and was to protest against segregated drinking fountains and restrooms in the county courthouse. The protest consisted of a group of peaceful African Americans walking from The First African Baptist Church to the Tuscaloosa County Courthouse; however, protesters did not get very far before being beaten, arrested, and tear gassed by not only police officers standing outside the church, but as well a mob of angry white citizens.

This past Sunday, church members at The First African Baptist Church, young and old listened to the story of what happened on June 9, 1964 during a service to commemorate the crucial moment here in Tuscaloosa civil rights movement when 33 black men, woman and children were hospitalized and 94 was arrested. Over time this horrific event has come to be known as Bloody Tuesday.

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