Does the Alabama Legislature want to do anything that is good for the people that put them in office? I was just reading an article about a committee in the Alabama House of Representatives approving a bill that would prohibit cities and counties from setting their own minimum wages.

Birmingham City Council’s decision to set its own minimum wage is the reason for this bill according to Rep. David Faulkner, R-Mountain Brook. He said that Birmingham’s new minimum wage would eliminate jobs.

Well excuse me Mr. Representative didn’t the people in Birmingham elect the council members to run and govern Birmingham.  Just what are you saying about Birmingham’s City Council or any cities governing bodies?

The voters put them in office to run and govern their city and that’s what they should be allowed to do. But this doesn’t surprise me, these are the same ones that would rather close state parks, take money from the education fund and compromise our kids education, tax gas and cigarettes and put hundreds of people out of work like they did at Greenetrack before they pass a state lottery or legalize gambling. What is wrong with this picture?