There’s one debate I just can’t wrap my hands around. That’s the debate on minimum wage. I want to challenge our legislators. I want to challenge our legislators to live and raise their families on minimum wage for three months.

I can’t believe we have legislators that are against raising the minimum wage. Well on second thought I can. Because it’s a problem they have never had so they can’t relate to it.

Why else would you stop a city or county from raising its minimum raise? Are the legislators rejecting their raises? I think not!

They have no idea what is like have to choose medicine or food. They don’t have to sleep in the cold because they can’t afford the heat. They have no idea what it’s like to have a sick child you can’t buy medicine for. They aren’t forced to eat one meal a day to make the food last.

I would like to invite one of our legislators against the minimum wage to come live with me for a couple of months on minimum wage. I’ll do you one better, let’s try $10.10 and see what happens. Does anybody want to step up?