Monday, while en route to work, I came across a group of cyclists. The group was so unique that I pulled over to record them to research later.


Turns out, the group was Ride 2 Rosemary, which according to its website, is a group of over 30 men who left Germantown, TN on Saturday, September 29 to take on a 5-day journey to Rosemary Beach, FL.

The purpose of the event is to promote cancer awareness, encourage healthy living, and raise funds for WINGS Supportive Care Division, which provides West Cancer Center patients with support and resources they need for their journey.

I'd say they're definitely successful in promoting awareness. While I'd never heard of them before, it certainly made me dig for more information.  I've discovered that this week's trip isn't the group's first. It may be too late to give them some good Tuscaloosa hospitality, but it's not too late for us to lend our support. Though they have a number of businesses sponsoring their journey, donations are still accepted. Click here to discover how you may give.

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