This morning, this lovely couple stopped by the radio station.  They said they were planning to make Tuscaloosa their new home, but they had one unusual request...

They said that they just wanted someone to pray with them.  RIGHT UP MY ALLEY!!!

I asked them if we could go outside, so as to not disturb the regular flow of business.  There, they gave me their story of how they'd first come to Tuscaloosa following the April 27, 2011 tornado; and since that time, they've WALKED across the country from the shores of Oregon to the east coast, passing out faith-based information.  They said it was their ministry.

So, we prayed for safety and for favor for them as they search for a place to stay and for employment.

As soon as I went back inside, the receptionist handed me a box that was addressed to me.  I opened it, and look at what was inside:


COMPLETELY made my day! I think I'll place it in the freezer until next week, when my fast is over. (I had to add that for the benefit of the church folks. LOL)

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