I was minding my own business, just browsing social media (Wait! I guess that means I wasn't minding my own business, huh?  Oh well.  Anyway...) when I came across a story that said a former Ulta employee was on Twitter spilling the beans about the business' practices.


Not really a big deal, right?  I didn't think so either until I got to THIS:

And then THIS:

Is this for real? Who does this?  I guess I'll stick with my Mary Kay lady.

After reading the story about Ulta on FOX 26 Houston's Facebook page, I saw these comments:

(Credit: Facebook/FOX 26 Houston Screenshot )
(Credit: Facebook/FOX 26 Houston Screenshot )

It made me think... How many other places have practices that consumers would find questionable?

I'm not going to say the name, but I worked at a buffet restaurant MAYBE four days. Why so short? Well, besides having to wear a hat and sweat out my hair every night and then have to straighten it for my regular job the next day EVERY day, well...

*looks around and whispers* So, when the banana pudding would be 1/2 gone, we'd pull it from the buffet and put out a new one.  Once it was 1/2 gone, we'd pull it and put out a new one.  While that new one was out there, we'd combine the other two we'd pulled, smooth it out, and put new bananas on top to give it a "fresh" look.

This was over 10 years ago, and until this day, I am not fond of buffet restaurants.

What are some businesses you wouldn't patronize because of something you learned on the inside?




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