Robots Moving Into Mainstream Spaces

I love robots.  The only robot I own is a Roomba, which is an autonomous robotic vacuum cleaner.   I love it because it keeps my floors clean without me having to do any work.  If I could afford to buy a robot for every manual household chore, I would.  However, now robots are moving into more community spaces.  As the FastCompany reports, Wal-Mart “has been slowly been rolling out robots that roam around store aisles alongside customers, launching 50 stores in 2017 and rolling out to 350 in 2019.”  For me, this is super cool and shall put to the test human and robot interaction.  What exactly will these robots perform at Wal-Mart, well they are “designed to scan shelves looking for items that are out of stock, eliminating a time-intensive chore that human workers no longer have to do- though workers still have to refill the shelves when the robot finds a missing product.”  I wonder if any of our local or nearby Wal-Mart stores will start to have robots.  I’ll have to get a selfie made with one.

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