Remember when being dark was looked down upon?  People of darker hues had to deal with lots of criticism, sometimes even coming from themselves.

As self-love has become more encouraged, and we are loving our own skin more, it seems that people who appear to lighten are facing more ridicule. For some, darker skin is still seen as less attractive, (God bless their eyes) leading some people to intentionally lighten their skin.

Some people with certain skin conditions find it necessary to work towards making their skin as close to "normal" as possible, but what about those who don't? What about people whose skin changes with time, and it lightens on its own?

Recently, Russy Simmons, son of Rev. Run, came under fire after supposedly appearing to be lighter than he was in his younger years.  Here's Russy in 2013: By Angela Simmons - Backstage - Style360 Spring 2014
Getty Images

To see the pictures that has everyone all up in arms, click here.

It seems like #1- there may be more light in the most recent pictures, and #2- most people get lighter in the winter months.  But most importantly, why does it matter so much to people who are not affected by it?  Are we really that anxious to find something negative to talk about?

What are your thoughts?

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