don't know about you but I can just hear the school bells ringing!  It's almost that time! Cheaper grocery bill, electrical bill, as well as the water bill goes down! Soon, the phone calls to you at work saying " Mom, I'm bored" will also stop, for a while anyway!

With all of that being said, there are so many different community events happening to help prepare you and your children for school this year. My children nare not in school anymore, however, when they were in school, the school supply list was bananas!  So, I can imagine what they look like today!

Years ago, there were a couple of places that did school supply giveaways but it was not as many as there are today! Being a single parent is difficult and  if there is more than one child, It is even harder, I was a single parent with three!

Today, there are so many different organizations and businesses that are willing to help out and give out school supplies, hair cuts and more!

Keep checking back to WTUG, as we get them, we will post them!



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