Liverpool Biennial 2006

When I first saw the name of the national day, I had to take a double look myself!

Everyday I go to the national calendar to see what day it is!  And from past national holidays, you guys know  I was a little confused about the meanings, like National girlfriend's day. So, naturally with  The national holiday today being,  National Grabbed Some Nuts Day, I had to find out exactly what that meant!

National Grab Some Nuts Day, is just that.  There are many specific nut days through out the year like National Almond Day or National Pistachio Day,  However, August  3rd embraces all nuts!  Side note, did you know that almonds and cashews are not considered nuts?

So today, to observe national grab some nuts day, grab a handful of your favorite flavored nuts. Take a picture and post on social media along with the hashtag, #NationalGrabSomeNutsDay.

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