While leaving work tonight, I noticed something I hadn't seen in a long time: lights on Sharks' exterior!

The Sharks Fish and Chicken on Skyland Boulevard has been closed for a number of months.  No one knows exactly what led to the interruption in business; but what IS for sure is that Sharks regulars have been wondering when the business would return.

There has been a lot of construction taking place at the location-- I mean, we're right next door. So, we see the construction crews from time to time --and now, there are lights.

As soon as I find out what's going on, (a set opening date perhaps) I'll let you know. AND THEN, I'll be calling to place my order for fish and chicken with lemon pepper.  I don't know what kind of lemon pepper they're using at Sharks, but it seems to be different from what anybody else is using in town.


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