There are a number of crimes committed where mental illness is a suitable defense, such as a case of a victim of domestic violence "snapping" or one where a person who has been held captive seeks justice against his or her captor.

But there are some cases where mental illness as a defense is questionable. Case in point, youth evangelist Acton Bowen says he is not guilty by reason of mental disorder in charges brought against him. What are the allegations made against him? Well, he faces 21 felony charges and seven misdemeanors in relation to sexual acts involving five boys between ages 12 and 16, according to

Here's the deal, though... There is DEFINITELY something wrong in the mind of a man who engages in sexual activity with children, just the same as there being something wrong in the mind of a man who forces sex upon a woman... Yes, rape.

How is mental disorder acceptable as a defense when there is a sexual crime against children? What are your thoughts?

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