Parents who are accused of embarrassing your children when you dance in public, please share this with your children.

For some reason, when you're a young adult or below, you tend to think that everything older people do is so uncool.... Until you become that age. Then, you have to tell the youngsters how there's nothing new under the sun and show them how you lived in your heyday. But every now and then, you just have to show them:

  • How it's done.
  • And that you still got it!

If you've gone to an old school party in recent years, you've probably seen some of these moves or you've done them yourself. And when people did dances that actually required physical activity, they were more fit and seemed to be happier!

Can you name each of these dances?  The bigger question is can you still do these dances?  Dude got DOWN! And he didn't even seem to be winded. If you happen to make a similar video, tag us.

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