Have you ever wanted to ask a question to a person of a different race but didn't want to come across as offensive or ignorant, even though you really didn't know? Well, today is your lucky day!

A post on Facebook simply says the following: Okay black people... ask white people one question you always wanted to know.

Right now, the questions are plenty.  Amazingly, some people have chosen to respond to the questions, providing the best answers possible.  Some myths are dispelled while others are confirmed.

If you've ever wondered how people with what seem to be menial jobs can afford million dollar homes on HGTV, why macaroni and cheese is seen as a full meal and not a side, why shorts are worn in the winter, why scary noises are investigated in movies, or if washcloths are used when bathing, click here.

It is the most peaceful yet hilarious conversation about cultural differences.

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