Jennifer Barrow/ThinkStock
Jennifer Barrow/ThinkStock

Ok, so Halloween has come and  gone and just like last year, I didn't get much traffic at my door!  Actually, I had more this year than last year!  A total of 4 kids came by.  However, I'm still in the same boat as last year!  I have a lot of left over candy!

This year, I had to find something to do with all of this candy! Check some of these ideas out..

1.  Bake it into a cake.  Peanut butter cups and fun-sized candy work great in cakes or brownies.  Just google "Halloween candy cake recipes."

2.  Save it and work it into Thanksgiving.  Marshmallows on the yams are the norm.  But "Parenting" magazine claims candy corn on the yams might be even better.  (???)

3.  Flavor your own vodka.  Just put a few pieces of candy in a glass container with a lid, like a mason jar.  Then fill it the rest of the way with vodka . . . close the lid . . . wait a few days . . . and boom, you've got Skittles vodka.


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