I don't know about you but certain times of the year, I always wished I could block some of my friends on Facebook, like for instance, Auburn fans and most of all Dallas Cowboy fans!   Well guess what!  My wish came true!

Facebook is testing a new feature that will help you block out Cowboy Fans or even politicians! You can block pretty much ANYTHING you want.

It's called KEYWORD SNOOZE! It blocks stories or posts that contains any keyword you choose! However, just like the snooze button on your alarm clock, it's not permanent.  It only blocks things for 30 days, however, like your alarm clock, you can immediately re-Snooze them.

What I really love about it is that you can literally Snooze anything!  "Fights" "Aubrun" to "Trump". The new feature Keyword Snooze went live to some users yesterday.  They are saying next week, few million more will get it  and if it's successful, they will make it available to everyone! I'm checking everyday to see when I'll get the feature, either way, it will be here before football season!  ROLL TIDE!

Here's the full story, Click here to read it.