Steve Brown is turning 50 years old, and guess who gets to benefit from it: Tuscaloosa!

Tuscaloosa-native comedian Steve Brown has been providing our area with comedy FOR YEARS, and we've been with him every step of the way. From the short dreads to the long dreads to the cut-off... Steve has been high-energy and has always brought the funny.

His long-running Funny First Friday and Stillman College Homecoming comedy shows have brought some of the country's finest comedians to Tuscaloosa. And his 50th birthday bash is no different.

August 5th, the seats of the Bama Theater will be filled with fans of comedy to see such notables as Adele Givens and Tyler Chronicles, hosted by Steve Brown and Rod Minger!


(Warning: Contains strong language!)

Keep in mind that this is ONE show at the Bama Theater, which currently has a capacity around 1200 while these comedians sell out numerous shows at larger venues across the country. So,  you DON'T want to wait to get your tickets!


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