We’ve all heard of our president calling Colin Kaepernick out of his name and calling for the firing of other protesters kneel during the national anthem. This has opened the eyes of many and more people with national platforms have decided to kneel in protest as well. During a recent concert, musical genius Stevie Wonder “took a knee.”

Would the response from the crowd have been the same if he’d said he was kneeling in solidarity, protesting the racial biases and injustices BEFORE getting on both knees to pray?

Funny, kneeling has always been a sign of respect and submission. What’s being done in the NFL should probably be seen in a different light, maybe one that displays a people STILL giving honor to the symbol of a country where their brothers are downtrodden. Somehow, those who kneel are seen as ungrateful when in actuality, it’s not about them at all.  It’s about giving a voice to those who are oppressed and disenfranchised. It’s about taking ownership of oneness, a unity denied by a nation which chooses to ignore injustice.

Injustices that, sadly, even Stevie Wonder can see.

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