As a huge proponent of giving what you can of what you have, when I caught wind of this, it excited me!

This is a perfect example of each joint supplying a need.
Stillman College has been a longstanding beacon in the Tuscaloosa community, which has undergone its share of issues in recent years. However, with the current administration, the institution appears to be on the upswing. Many of the buildings are under renovation, and new policies and procedures have been put in place to make administrative duties flow more efficiently.

The Alumni Council is making a concerted effort to be extremely supportive of the college by participating in fundraising campaigns and spreading Stillman news with parties of interest. Much like other institutions of higher learning, when a grad can provide a service to the school, it becomes that much more special.

Stillman alum Tory Shumpert is the owner and operator of Alabama Affordable Mattress, and his company has partnered with Stillman as the school's mattress provider. A campaign is currently underway where Stillman grads are encouraged to adopt a dorm room.

In addition to Stillman receiving a great deal on its mattress sets, Shumpert says he is going to make a sizeable donation to the school.

How remarkable it is for the company to support Stillman while the school is also giving business to one of its grads! It's an awesome partnership, one worthy of support!

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