Straight Outta Compton actor Jason Mitchell went on a tirade aboard a Delta flight after he learned he wouldn’t be flying first class.

It all started when Mitchell boarded his flight from Las Vegas to Salt Lake City on Sunday (Aug. 28) only to find someone sitting in the first-class seat he thought belonged to him. When he realized that he didn't have a first-class seat, he had a huge meltdown. In the TMZ video above, you can see the actor go on a rant while crew members tried to calm him down.

“I paid my money, I’m supposed to be right here,” the 30-year-old actor can be seen telling a first-class flyer. “I got s--- to do tomorrow, you don’t understand.”

A Delta representative told Fox News that Mitchell missed his original flight and was being accommodated on a standby flight, which didn't have any available seats in first class. He was offered a Comfort+ seat, which was reportedly the only seat left. “The passenger was late checking in and missed his original flight from Las Vegas to Salt Lake City,” said Delta in a statement. “He was placed on standby on the next flight and confirmed in Delta Comfort+, the only available seat.”

In another TMZ video below, a very angry Mitchell is sitting in his Comfort+ seat ranting about his ordeal on the phone to a friend. He then yells obscenities at another passenger for interfering with his conversation and calls him a "f---ing racist" before threatening to "beat the f--- outta you."

Mitchell eventually took it easy, excuse the pun, but when a Delta member announced that all passengers would need to deplane due to his disruption, he erupted into a rage again.

“I’m gonna get off the plane! Why you gonna make everybody get off the plane? What you doing? Why you doing that?” he asked.

Mitchell ultimately left the plane but was taken into custody by law enforcement. No charges were filed against the actor, according to a Delta rep.

Reps for Jason Mitchell had no comment on the matter.

Watch Jason Mitchell Go Off on Passenger on Delta Flight

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