At first glance, it would appear to be alarming… like blood splattered all over the steps.

However, according to investigators, the substance discovered at the Alabama Capitol building Wednesday was said to be a tomato-like paste.

No arrests have been made in the incident. Full story and pic.

It appears that the State Capitol is a popular location for protests and demonstrations.

According to the AP, the call concerning the substance on the steps was the second time police were called to the location in two days.

Tuesday, a group of protesters began spray painting the asphalt in front of the building. They WERE arrested.

Now, the right to assemble is one of the human rights protected by the First Amendment of the US Constitution, which also allows for the petitioning of the Government. However, that in no way justifies vandalism.

Luckily, the substance on the Capitol steps wasn’t permanent. So, while it may have been alarming and may have caused discomfort by those who saw it, it wasn’t quite destructive.

It is not known why tomato-like paste was smeared upon the steps, but if it was in protest, it didn’t quite make an impact, which kinda defeats the purpose of protesting, right?

The following are said to be the most common issues that currently spark protest in the United States:

10 Protest Issues in the US

There is certainly no shortage of offensive topics for one to protest, but it is important to note that protests should stay within certain guidelines; and those who break the law should be prepared to handle the consequences.

Many are.

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