It is not an uncommon practice for various buildings and facilities to be named for those who’ve made major contributions to particular entities, whether financial or civic.

However, amid the racial tension covering the nation and Confederate plaques being removed from the University of Alabama campus, a petition started, requesting the renaming of buildings with racist histories. Full story.

One of those named is Moore Hall, which is near the Malone-Hood Plaza and Foster Auditorium.  A petition has begun to have that building changed from “Moore Hall” to “Wade Hall.”

Who was Albert Burton Moore, for whom the building is currently named?  It is said that he was a history professor and the first dean of the Graduate School, who is accused of having denied Black students the opportunity of receiving higher education by stating that the university did not have a program to meet the prospective student’s interest if he suspected the applicant was Black.

Who is Archie Wade, the nominee of honor named in the petition?  Dr. Wade was the first African American professor at the University of Alabama.  It is said that he not only integrated the faculty but that he was one of three others to integrate Bryant-Denny stadium and also aided in recruiting African American football players for Coach Paul “Bear” Bryant.”

With this, Dr. Wade is definitely worthy of honor by the institution he served and helped to build into the magnificent fixture it is today. Those interested in signing the petition may do so here:

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