Ready for another round of “Who Did They Ask?”

Well, a survey was held somewhere to determine what type of pizza is most preferred in each state.

What do you think Alabama’s favorite pizza is?  Most of us would think of something dealing with pork: sausage, pepperoni, Canadian bacon, or maybe even barbecue.

But nope!

According to this survey, Alabama’s favorite pizza is cheese. Just a plain and simple cheese pizza.  Think that’s bland?  Well, we’re not the only ones.  As a matter of fact, cheese ranked first in 28 other states.

To add to the surprising data, Montana and Oregon are the only states where pepperoni came in first, and “meat lovers” was spread out over the country, coming in number one in only Louisiana, West Virginia, and Wyoming. Source.


So, where are some of the best places to pick up your favorite cheese pizzas in Tuscaloosa? Here are the Top 5 results—in no particular order—from a quick interoffice survey at Townsquare Media. (Seriously, cheese pizza is good, but it’s hardly a favorite within these doors.)

  1. Heat Pizza
  2. Broadway Pizzeria
  3. Marco’s Pizza
  4. Blaze/Pyro’s (those who opted for fire-cooked had no real preference)
  5. Mellow Mushroom

Is there a little less widely known spot you want to tell us about? Even if you don’t want to tell us, tell us anyway.

And what are your favorite toppings?  Or was this survey accurate? Does cheese reign supreme in Tuscaloosa too or was it just that other places outnumbered our town? Let us hear from you.

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