I didn't even know one existed but there's one, the Alabama Amateur Softball Association Hall of fame will Induct Umpire Terry Jackson on March 4th. Jackson Started calling Games a long time ago, nearly 4 decades for various Organizations, he's finally getting his due.

After nearly four decades calling games for numerous organizations, Jackson is getting his due. He’ll be inducted into the Alabama Amateur Softball Association Hall of Fame on March 4.

Jackson started calling games for the ASA in 1981 and continued until 1999. He also served a second stint from 2004-2011.

During his time as an umpire for the ASA, he worked six national tournaments, which took place all over the country.

“It really is special to get into the Hall of Fame because when you umpire you umpire with a lot of guys. In the national tournament, you umpire with guys from all over the United States,” Jackson said. “I umpired with guys from California, Georgia, Texas, Cleveland, Ohio. They come from everywhere. When you get to the national tournament, you have teams from all over the United States.”


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