It appears that several students after an Investigation with the Alabama Health Department have come down with the Mumps. Although no immediate threat to the city of Tuscaloosa, the Alabama Health Department is keeping an eye on things.

Despite what they call a “highly vaccinated population of students,” mumps still occur in vaccinated communities where people are in close contact settings like schools.

The ADPH recommends any UA students, faculty and staff not vaccinated with two doses of measles, mumps, rubella vaccine (MMR) to immediately receive a second MMR from the Student Health Center, their doctor or the health department. Those with no record of MMR that decline to be vaccinated should not attend class for 25 days after exposure to mumps.

“We’re glad our students have recovered from their symptoms,” said Dr. Todd B. West, medical director, UA Student Health Center. “UA is working closely with ADPH to ensure a timely and appropriate response. We are notifying the campus community about mumps, prevention tips, and vaccinations.”

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