A Texas Texas A&M University student just got a surprise job opportunity  because of social media. It's was her her mugshot. Marshala Perkins was arrested for possession of marijuana and she has blown the internet up with her fashionable eye makeup she wore to the police station. Just like the guy who got the modeling contract his jailhouse pic.

Now, lots of folks are talking about her 'Fire'  look and asking her for tips and makeup tutorials.

She was in her dorm on a Facebook Live video. She put on some glittery pink shadow, finishing off the look with long black lashes.

Later, some friends asked her to hang out, so she left her room with her makeup still on.

She got stopped as she was getting into her car and was told it smelled like weed in the car.

She said that it didn't smell like marijuana, but  5-O  found two grams of it on her. And of course she went to jail.

Now, she is going to do a youtube  makeup tutorial for her mugshot look.

In addition she lost her part-time job at Walmart, And get this....she is now  working full-time as a security officer and taking makeup clients on the side.

Now if that's not a case of life giving you lemons and you making lemonade, I don't know what is.


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