I'm soooooo ready for school to start, but it's probably not for the same reason as everyone else.

I see numerous parents posting about how they're ready for their children to go back to school so their grocery bills will decrease. My child doesn't eat much. So, that's not really an issue for me.

I am excited about school starting because, to be honest, school gives me structure. Having a set time to have Jireh up, dressed, and at school will help me. For the most part, I plan my day and routes according to all of my responsibilities. I try not to go back to one location after I've passed or left it. Therefore, when I leave home to take Jireh to school, I'll then start my work day.

Knowing that tardiness for her results in consequences for the both of us, I'm just not willing to take that chance. So, here's to school being in session! I can hardly wait!

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