(This is the actual boat we were on)

As you well know, last week I went on vacation to the Bahamans!  I had a ball! However, leaving from Charleston South Carolina, I think I made a couple of football enemies,  Not to mention we almost got left in the Bahamas!

It all started when we got on the ship,  The 1st thing I saw a, was this big white elephant, so naturally, I yelled ROLL TIDE!!  I forgot the whole boat was full of people from South Carolina lol so I got the dirty look.

After maybe an hour, things settled down lol. Everything was going great, we docked into  Nassau, Bahamas.  The waters so pretty, clear and blue!  I figured since we were in the Bahamas come I wanted to try something I never tried before!  We went para sailing, I had A-blast!!

After para sailing, we went shopping, that's when we almost got left!  I think the biggest thing that amazed me was the guys carving different things out of a pieces of wood!   No picture to go by or anything, just what was in their head!

We ended up going into this one store, We knew time was close so we tried to hurry.The next time I looked at my watch, we had 15 minutes to get back to the ship before it sailed off.I told my boyfriend that I would go on to the ship since he was faster than I. When I got to the ship come I noticed that I didn't have my ID, my boyfriend had it, who still was NOT at at the ship!   Before you know it, we had 5 minutes left to get on the ship and my boyfriend still wasn't there!   I don't know if I was more mad at him for being late or nervous that we were about to get left in the Bahamas!  Finally, with no minutes spare, I see him running up to the ship. We boarded the ship in a Nick of time,  As soon as we boarded the ship combat the doors closed and we set sail.

Other then almost being left in the Bahamas, the cruise on Carnival was wonderful!