Have you ever forgotten your wife or girlfriends birthday? I'm sure you really felt bad about that about it, right? Well, no worries because it actually puts you in the MAJORITY.

A new survey found 52% of men have forgotten their wife or girlfriend's birthday at least once.  That's compared to just 24% of women who've done the same.

Most of those people were able to scramble and do something last-minute though.  Only 1 in 5 said they completely forgot.  Everyone else had time to run to Walmart and buy that last minute gift. However, when guys do remember, they do spend more than women,  $164, compared to $117 on average.  Here are more stats from the survey .

1.  The average person who does forget a partner's birthday won't just do it once.  On average, it'll happen FOUR TIMES while they're together.

2.  One in five couples have gotten into a fight, because one of them forgot the other's birthday.  And 12% have broken up over it.

3.  36% of us have SAID we didn't want anything for our birthday, but secretly expected something anyway.  The top thing we want from our partner is a nice dinner out.

So come in other words, don't feel bad. You are certainly not alone!

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