Some would argue that small-town life is the best but major cities are where the excitement is located. My thoughts, wherever my paycheck doesn’t bounce is a perfect spot for me. (That actually happened when our paycheck didn’t clear) Another story for another time, lol!

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All jokes aside, I think life is about what you create where you are located. People often complain in towns across America saying “there is nothing to do here.” Then, I find 10 activities in THEIR city and shut them down. I say, create your own excitement.

Bigger is not always better.

The World Population Review has provided some new population data which lists Alabama’s top 500 cities and ranked them from largest to smallest. I bet you won’t believe the population amounts of some of our smallest towns. Click here for more information.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Honestly, my Tuscaloosa sorority chapter has more members than some of the small towns in Alabama.  But my mama always said, “small towns always provide the best gossip.”

Alabama's Top 10 Smallest Towns

Here are Alabama's Top 10 smallest towns according to the World Population Review. 

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