On Saturday June 16th JAY Z & Beyoncé released their first joint album as THE CARTERS, the album called EVERYTHING IS LOVE.

The long awaited 9 track album features the standout song titled APES**T, which was produced by Pharrell . Though the track itself has enough weight to stand on its own; it is accompanied by a groundbreaking music video. Directed by Ricky Saiz and co-directed by THE CARTERS themselves, the music video is an ode to black culture and the trials and tribulations faced by black people through the years. As Beyoncé sings “I Can’t Believe We Made It” she is further emphasizing the added hardships and struggles black people face on the journey to success, while at the same time celebrating the triumphs.

The video was shot at the historic Louvre Museum in Paris, France you can see the power couple posing effortlessly in front of priceless pieces of art but subtly blurring the lines making the couple the focal point of the entire museum.

Heidi Herrera has an interesting and extensive breakdown of the music video and the art themes expressed.  Check her out  on Twitter @itsmeheidi_h.

She thoroughly points out all the subtle and obvious references between the pieces of art shown in the music video and the social issues that currently plague the world.

Check it out below. 

(WARNING!!!  These videos and posts contains UNCENSORED profanity.)