Out of all the times you visit the Dollar Tree Have you ever thought to yourself, how does this place stay in business?

According to one investor, Starboard Value Hedge Fund CEO Jeffrey Smith , it’s because the store has lowered the value of the products it sells. He goes on to say, when you think about it, they sort of have to in order to keep up with inflation. A dollar’s worth of merchandise in 1986 costs about $2.30 right now. The activist investor says it’s time for Dollar Tree to raise its prices.

I'm very happy to say that the Dollar Tree did respond to the suggestions, and it looks like they not be making any changes, hopefully n time soon!

Think about it, they sell everything in its stores for just a dollar. The "Dollar Tree" has been around since 1993, however prior to that, the store was called  Only $1.00. Today, there's 14,835 Dollar Trees throughout the United States.