Upon last night we talked about guys stepping outside the box when it comes to date night with that special someone, during that conversation we kind of put the fellows in hot seat so to speak.

So its only right that we reverse this conversation and allow the fellows to speak on what characteristics that special lady should have to make her worthy of this special treatment. Keep in mind that this discussion is all in fun and its my personal belief that conversation rules the nation so let's talk.

In my opinion this special lady must be independent, trustworthy,  intellectual and supportive. Since my personal belief is that conversation rules the nation, there must be a strong line of communication between this special lady and myself.

Those are just a few characteristics from my opinion, now its your turn to share yours. Now although were putting the ladies in the hot seat tonight doesn't mean we don't want your input as well. Hope you enjoy and i cant wait to see what your opinion on this topic are.

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