There are some things about Tuscaloosa that are simply Tuscaloosa.  The same for Tuscaloosa radio.  Some elements just change the whole dynamic of the station when removed. This we know because you've voiced your opinion. That's one of the reasons we're bringing back the Quiet Storm.

And of course, the Quiet Storm wouldn't be the Quiet Storm without Ed Ramsey!  So, we're bringing him back.

Ed Ramsey

Ed says that there are numerous people who've told him that they're sure he played a role in the conception of at least one child. TMI? Maybe, but even if you're not trying to make a child, the Quiet Storm is instrumental in setting up environments of intimacy as well as just easy listening to wind down after a long day.

So, be sure to spread the word.  At 7:00 p.m. on Monday, May 22nd, Ed Ramsey will be ready to hear from you with your love dedications, requests, and of course the "I missed you" ego boosts.  Go ahead and program the number. (205) 391-0093.

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