It is said that you MAKE time for what's important to you. I'd always felt like that was a lie, as there were some things that were important to me for which I simply COULDN'T make time. That recently changed.

My Saturday started with plans to support local entrepreneur Derrick Crummie in the grand opening of his new business, The Renaissance Center.


It was important for me to be there for a variety of reasons. First of all, I love seeing people pursue their dreams until they come into fruition. Secondly, Crummie endured a number of obstacles while working on establishing his business.

But more than that is the passion felt within the man. Everything Derrick does is done with his entire heart. If he's going to argue with a person,  everything in him wants the other person to see and understand a different point of view. He writes poetry from his life experiences and from a place of collective struggle. So, I knew that his Renaissance Center would be a soulful place. It did not disappoint!

Upon entrance, even the layout suggests community. Art reeks from every nook in the place. A wall divides the entrance area from the area where there is a stage and minimal seating. To the right is not only bar but also a secret door.

That door opens to another space which houses video games including electronic golf!

This venue is sure to be a popular business, as the location is nice and has plenty of parking. But most important is the soul of the place, and this one is warm and welcoming.

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