The Red Nose Day Special - Season 4
NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images


It's that time again!  RED NOSE DAY! May 24th!


Last year, I took pictures of everyone in the station wearing a red nose to help raise awareness and to help end child poverty for the kids in the United States as well as around the world. Every little bit helps!

THIS year, I'm challenging you on my At Work Network Roll Call to have your office wear Red Noses, then send a picture via text at 205-391-0093.  You all will be entered into the drawing to win breakfast this week, compliments of Chick-Fil-A

I'm sure, like I're asking why red noses?

The goofy prop helps use entertainment to raise awareness and is a conversation starter. It lends a goofy, kid-friendly air to fundraising.


Noses are sold any at Walgreen's and they will donate 50 cents for each nose purchased.   Donations go to a number of different well-known organizations that help kids, including The Boys and Girls Club of America!


Here's how your donations are used!

  • "$1 can provide 11 meals for hungry children through Feeding America food banks."
  • "$10 can provide essential immunizations for a child in need," according to Children’s Health Fund.
  • "$10 helps provide a safe place for an at-risk child in America to go during the summer and after school," according to the Boys & Girls Club of America.
  • "$30 can provide one person with access to clean water in Uganda," according to charity: water.
  • "$50 can provide one year’s tuition, supplies, and textbooks for a child in a developing country," according to Save the Children.
  • "$100 provides food, clothing, shelter, and medical care to help get a child off the street," according to Covenant House.


For more information Click here or donate by phone, 800-500-4373, You can also go to any Walgreen's. There's also wristbands and pens you can purchase.